I’ve decided to list my house for sale with a Realtor®, now what?

I’ve decided to list my house for sale with a Realtor®, now what?

Putting your house on the market is never easy; frankly, it’s a hassle. In order to get the best possible price for your house it needs to be in the best possible condition. To borrow a phrase from the US Marine Corp, “The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war.” Meaning, the more you do on the front side to prepare the better you’ll end up once your home is under contract. Take it one step at a time and try not to stress. With the right attitude and the right agent, it can be easier than you may think. Here are a few things to help you prepare:

  1. Aside from the decluttering, put away all personal affects including family pictures, store as much away as possible. Less is more. Sparse furnishings are best. Remove large pieces of furniture which in turn make all your rooms look more spacious and prospective Buyers can imagine their belongings in the space. Pack and organize; you may want to rent temporary storage space, (besides your moving soon anyway). Clean, clean, clean. Don’t forget the light switch plates, baseboards and heat and air vents! Make sure the front entry is spotless, no cobwebs, etc. Have a colorful fresh flower pot and new welcome mat at the entrance. When the agents are opening the lockbox their Buyers are analyzing this area. First impressions are lasting!
  2. Fill out all disclosures and paperwork completely and honestly. Supply your agent with any surveys, warranty information, annual utility costs, warranty deed and upcoming neighborhood events if possible to share with prospective Buyers.
  3. I recommend giving your agent 2 keys to your house, one for the lockbox and the other as an extra. Our Supra lockboxes today are programmable so there’s no need to worry that someone can come into your house after a designated time. It also notifies your agent with the time of entry and the person’s name and contact information which allows your agent to follow up after a showing.
  4. Be prepared to move in the next 30-60 days should your house go under contract quickly.
  5. Prepare a list of all upgrades you’ve done to the house since your ownership. Aside from new Buyers wanting this information this is also valuable information that your Listing Agent can share with the Appraiser when the time comes.
  6. Keep your home “show ready” at all times. When a showing is scheduled and if at all possible, turn every light and lamp in the house on. Don’t forget cooktop and all under cabinet lighting. Yes, your electric bill may be slightly higher but you want to do everything you can to have your home show as good as possible! Lighting matters.

I hope this helps you. If you or someone you know is looking to buy or sell property I hope you will think of me first! I can be reached at 404-456.2683. And remember, OUR EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE WILL MOVE YOU! Thanks for visiting. Take Care!

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